Why Estate Planning?

There are two widespread errors in estate planning. One error is not to have a will or other key elements of a plan. The other error is to fail to update the will and estate plan. This article isn’t for those who still haven’t established at least a basic estate plan. But if you have an estate plan, your work isn’t done. Estate plans need to be reviewed and revised from time to time.

The time to revise an estate plan varies. If your estate plan is three or more years old, you and your estate planner should review it. Of course, if there’s a change in the tax law or other laws that govern your estate (such as powers of attorney or advance medical directives) it’s time to have the plan reviewed.

In addition, an estate plan should be reviewed when specific events occur in your life. These events or changes in circumstances often create a need to update the plan. Here’s my list of the most likely events that should cause you to contact your estate planner.